Okay Rejection from Katherine Fausset

This was a gracious rejection. I wonder, though, if she was being kind to me because of the misunderstanding we had, or because she actually saw something promising in my writing:

Dear Jackson,

Thank you for sending your novel, BLANK, once again. And thank you for your gracious acceptance of my apology regarding the correspondence error.

Unfortunately, I’m sorry to say that I’m going to pass. I also recall now reading the material some time ago. I admire the rich and dynamic nature of your writing style, but I’m afraid I just was not engaged by the pages overall in the way I feel I need to be. As I’m sure you know, the market for literary fiction is extremely competitive, so it’s necessary that the agent who’s representing it feels passionately about it. Which, of course, is a subjective response. I’m sorry not to be the right match for your novel, but I wish you success finding someone who is. Presumably you are in touch with other agents at the moment, so I hope you soon find other representation.

Thank you again for the opportunity to have read your work.