DTLA 2017 | ダウンタウンのロス 2017年

DTLA 2017 | ダウンタウンのロス 2017年

About Jackson | ジャクソンについて

Jackson Kanahashi Bliss is the author of the literary/speculative hypertext, Dukkha, My Love.  He is a hapa (non) fiction writer, culture critic, and interdisciplinary scholar.  Obsessed with tea, dream pop, high-speed trains, the perfect sleeve, cafés, tight jeans, マンガ (manga), vinyl shopping, running, pop culture, and video games, Jackson is a bad Nisei: too mouthy, affectionate, and emotional for his own good.  Born and raised in Traverse City until the age of 14, he spent his formative years in Chicago, LA, Seattle, and Portland including several years in New York, Buenos Aires, and Burkina Faso. Jackson has a BA in comp lit from Oberlin College and a MFA from the University of Notre Dame where he was the Fiction Fellow and the Sparks Prize winner.  He also has a MA in English and a PhD in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Southern California where he worked with Aimee Bender, Viet Thanh Nguyen, and TC Boyle on an interdisciplinary dissertation about narrative mediation, gender performance, and cultural compartmentalization in contemporary Asian American literature in addition to an intersecting coming-of-age novel about love and racial self-discovery called Ninjas of My Greater Self.  Jackson was the 1st Runner-up for the 2013 Poets & Writer's California Writer's Exchange Award in fiction and a hapa panelist at the Mixed Remixed Festival 2016.  His essays and short stories have appeared or are forthcoming in The New York Times, Ploughshares, Guernica, Longreads, Boston Review, The Daily Dot, Pleiades, the 2012-2013 Anthology of APIA Literature, Tin House, Antioch Review, Witness, Fiction, Kenyon Review, ZYZZYVA, Joyland, Santa Monica Review, Quarterly West, Arts & Letters, Fiction International, Hobart, and 3:AM Magazine among many others.

10 Random Facts about Jackson

 一。 Jackson speaks Japanese like a schoolboy.  Not as in giddy schoolboy either, but as in flawed grammar, boyish facial expressions, questionable intonations, and a ten-year old vocabulary

二。Jackson has collaborated on numerous interdisciplinary projects, including The Miracle of the Walking Fish, a bilingual immigrant narrative libretto that composer, Laura Kramer, set to music for the Pasadena Conservatory of Music's "Song About Places" 2015 series, and The Voice Inside Your Bones, an exquisite corpse variant with LA-based artist, Rick Potts, for the 7x7 project.

三。Jackson speaks French and Spanish fluently.  Way better, in fact, than he speaks Nihongo even though he is Nisei, hapa, and nikkeijin.  By the way, if you call Jackson white, he'll kick your ass.

四。Jackson has five tattoos and counting:   "おみやげ," a Japanese poem by Rin Ishigaki, a dolphin, a 芸者 (geisha), a 忍者(ninja), and a portrait of Avalokiteshvara on his right shoulder.

五。Jackson is also a secret musician/composer who goes by the name 水 (Mizu) (the Japanese word for h20).  In fact, he's classically trained and has been playing piano since he was a boy.  You can buy a track or two of his electronic, instrumental LP "Space Age" on iTunes.  Or you can listen here first.

六。Some of his favorite cities include:  Chicago, Tōkyō, LA, Marrakech, Paris, Amsterdam, Colonia del Sacramento, New York, Edinburgh, Kyōto, Buenos Aires, Budapest, Cuzco, Aix, Ōsaka, Stockholm, Seattle, Toronto, Barcelona, Sitges, Montréal, Istanbul, Lyon, Berlin, Hong Kong, Prague, London, Seoul, Bratislava, Copenhagen, + Vienna.

七。Jackson is 93% vegan, a runner, and a (very bad) Buddhist.

八。Some of his fave foods include:  London Fogs, fancy instant ramen, spicy mac'n'cheese, sushi, kale salad with sauerkraut, beyond meat hamburgers, strawberries, Petite Syrah and Sancerre, honey crisp apples, fruit punch, milk tea with almond milk, egg and smoked salmon crêpes, coconut chocolate fudge brownie ice cream, poutine, miso soup, roasted Brussels sprouts, Bún Chay with vegetarian egg rolls, Pad Thai with chili oil, and dark chocolate, among other things.

九。Musically, Jackson will listen to almost anything on his turntable, except bad country, Ted Nugent, Kid Rock, or mumble rap.  Special shout outs to:  dream pop, indie, electronic, hip-hop, house, classical, jazz, singer songwriter, EDM, trip-hop, industrial, new wave, break beats, dub, lo-fi, downtempo, world music, post-rock, and R + B

十。Some of Jackson's artistic and literary influences include:  Zadie Smith, Junot Diaz, Haruki Murakami, The Smiths, Joan Didion, Wong Kar Wai, Aimee Bender, John Coltrane, DJ Krush, Romance マンガ, Wanda Sykes, Life is Strange, Banana Yoshimoto, Beach House, JD Salinger, Arundhati Roy, Deus Ex, Banksy, Insecure, Jeffrey Eugenides, Kendrick Lamar, The Last of Us, Yoshitoki Ōima, TC Boyle, Karen Tei Yamashita, Chance the Rapper, Adrian Tomine, Balmorhea, Sofia Copola's early work, the Final Fantasy series, Jim Shephard, Lydia Davis, Common, Carol Maso, and Proust.