Short Story Published in Witness

Before the insurrection on Halloween, the security guard considered himself an atheist and a cynic, but there are some things too hard to understand, things without precedent, and one of them is a polished ten-inch Colt Python Revolver pointed directly up your nostrils.

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2nd Piece Accepted in 2017

My short story about class/race in Humboldt Park, "Guide to the Other Side of the Universe," which is part of my short story collection, Geography of Desire, was accepted yesterday in the Angel City Review, an awesome LA-based literary journal.  Stay tuned for more deetz!

Essay about Dishonored 2 (and Class Stockholm Syndrome in the Steampunk Genre) Published in PLOUGHSHARES

Few things push plot lines as well as vengeance in drama and leveling up in RPGs, which is why Dishonored 2, despite its many flaws, integrates plot, adventure, and history effortlessly into a unified field, centering its narrative on the propulsive quest of assassination and personal redemption. Much like Victorian morality in the nineteenth century, this game is a Manichean fantasy world of good and evil.

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NINJAS OF MY GREATER SELF is on Sub (and I'm Now Losing My Fucking Mind)

Well fam, the day has finally come.  Maggie--my agent extraordinaire--called me today and said that she'd sent out my debut novel, THE NINJAS OF MY GREATER SELF to editors after getting the green light from each of them.  So, NINJAS is officially on submission now.  I've literally been waiting for this day since I finished the first version of this novel back in 2012.  Anyway, for the next couple months (probably longer, conceivably shorter), I'm going to chew the fuck out of my fingernails and scratch off my skin and tear out my eyebrows until I look like a cholo (or Olympic swimmer).  I've read endless stories about the excruciatingly unpredictable nature of being on submission.  I've had friends tell me heart-breaking stories about near misses with their favorite presses.  I've seen writers dissolve into a human puddle of counterfactual daydreams and jock tears.  So, I know the pain, the longing, and the exhilaration of this stage can be overwhelming, which is why I'm planning on keeping busy by lovingly nudging my gracious blurb writers, revising the shit out of my permutational memoir, Dream Pop Origami, playing video games obsessively on my PS4, working on my post-rock LP, and finally catching up on some reading with George Saunders' Lincoln in the Bardo, my good friend, Emily Fridlund's novel, History of Wolves, and Johnny Marr's Autobiography, Set the Boy Free.  Whatever happens, it feels like the future is burning bright.  I've never felt more hopeful (and simultaneously, more freaked out) than I do right now.

You can check out my Twitter thread about today's historic moment here.

Revisions Are Done!

I've been working tirelessly with Maggie on my revisions for The Ninjas of My Greater Self for a solid three months now and we are finally done with the substantive edits, which feels fucking incredible.  I'm just waiting for a few blurbs from some literary superstars and then Maggie will officially begin sending out cover letters to editors.  I'm exhilarated about this.  I'm also mildly terrified.  I mean, these next three to four months will shape my literary debut in the New York publishing world and also have a major impact on my literary career.  I know that sounds hyperbolic, but it's actually true.  I've been waiting my whole life for this moment.  My fingers are crossed.