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The formation of the The Anarchist Punks as an unorthodox eschatology club is a long and complicated story.  A detailed historical summary follows (click here to return to the last page):  Racist white baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Yers, Millenials, and Virtuals loathed (and feared) the NMM after riding the wave of unrepentant white privilege their whole lives and dismissing institutional racism, classism, sexism, police brutality, neo-liberal economic exploitation, and minority voter disenfranchisement as "identity politics" despite overwhelming evidence that white slave owners invented identity politics in America during slavery to differentiate themselves (and their white slaves) from black slaves and black people in general, which helped create racial solidarity within the white community and effectively established a racial/class apartheid that became the engine of the American capitalist system, flourishing during Reconstruction and the Jim Crow eras and ultimately morphing into the prison industrial complex with the help of War on Drugs mandatory minimum sentencing and unfettered prosecutorial discretion, civil forfeiture, and the militarization of local and state police departments, a racist judicial system (including an obsolete and classist bail system, jury white spaces, and xenophobic/racist Stop and Frisk policies).  This racial Divide and Conquer was part of how the construction of whiteness (and the intrinsic privileges connected to it) first began in America, according to American history and race/ethnicity scholars specializing in antebellum narratives of the south.  Eventually, starting from the Obama and Trump administration onward, a transgenerational white demographic of fascist and pseudo-fascist supporters, who were mostly likely to imagine themselves the greatest victims of the New Multiracial Majority were also the most likely to support coded racist/xenophobic/ethnic cleansing policies and defend explicitly racist political rhetoric as a mere question of "free speech," blaming the uptick of hate crimes during President Obama's tenure and future pseudo-progressive administrations for acknowledging and discussing racism, then on the chimerical "alt left," which empirically never existed until the 2020's, and finally on the "deep state," which became code for unprovable fringe conspiracy theory. 


The fact that President Trump in 2017 was the first American president to literally appoint Nazis to his administration (e.g., Bannon, the godfather of Breitbart, the mouthpiece for 21st century Nazis self-dubbed the "Alt Right" as a way of normalizing far-right ideology and Gorka, an uninformed, Islamophobic Hungarian American with Nazi ties) and the fact that President Trump refused to unequivocally denounce without reservation armed white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, who carried lynching torches, Nazi and KKK flags, semi-automatic rifles, and/or crusade-themed shields, sang the Nazi anthem "Blood and Soil," the Alt Right anthem "Jews Will Not Replace Us," and/or who killed or seriously injured protesters with their cars, these series of shocking events eventually became the tipping point for many Americans who became collectively defiant (save staunch Republicans), which led to a series of sweeping protests across the country, landslide victories for the (freemarket-cheerleading, unapologetically old-fashioned, and insufficiently progressive) DNC party in the 2018 midterm elections, and the creation of congressional hearings by an invigorated congressional democratic majority and a GOP running for cover from its indignant constituents, political fallout, and Trump's long-lasting stain on their party (as a de facto third party parasite).  These events paved the way for an emergent third party system in the American politics on the municipal, state, and national levels.


Ultimately, President Trump's thinly veiled white heteronationalism, while unsurprising to anyone paying attention to his campaign rhetoric, was nevertheless, historically unprecedented for a modern US president.  Among other things, he accused undocumented Mexican workers of bringing drugs and crime to America and voting illegally for HRC, he attempted twice to ban immigrants from Muslim-majority countries while ignoring the Arab countries implicated in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he attacked gold star parents, he told NFL owners to fire protesting players during the national anthem (masticating First Amendment protections), he banned transgender servicemen from the military without consulting or even warning the Pentagon beforehand, he golfed every weekend during natural disasters in Texas and Puerto Rico, he was sued by the Department of Justice in 1973 for housing discrimination against prospective black tenants, he described black people as genetically predisposed to laziness (according to the former president of a Trump Plaza hotel), he constantly delegitimized President Obama by questioning his intelligence, grades, work ethic, and citizenship, he was accused of sexual assault by not only his former wife, but also by twelve separate women and then boasted about sexually assaulting women in a tape with Billy Bush, he pardoned a racist sheriff in Arizona (sheriff Joe Arpaio who had called his outdoor jail tents where temperatures rose to 140º "concentration camps," forced inmates to wear clothes soiled with excrement and menstrual blood, sentenced Spanish-speaking inmates to solitary confinement for not speaking English, installed a camera pointed at the woman's common toilet for the public to watch, and whose employees not only racially profiled Latinos in the street, in courthouses, and in churches—a blatant violation of the equal protection, due process, and freedom from unreasonable searches clauses of the US Constitution—but also referred to Latinos as "wetbacks" regularly).  Furthermore, President Trump celebrated one of the most divisive presidents in American history, Andrew Jackson, whose administration forced the catastrophic and fatal relocation of tens of thousands of Native American nations to allow white settlers to monopolize natural resources for mining, he conflated confederacy statues of men who were fundamentally opposed to a free and multiracial American union with those of American presidents who helped found it, he issued countless threats of violence at his rallies (e.g., lamenting the "good 'ole days" when protesters were beat up and carried away in gurneys, offering to pay the court fees for any supporters who beat up protesters, expressing his repeated desire to beat up opponents), he glorified the so-called mass killings of Muslims by dipping bullets in pig blood (aka the "General Pershing myth") using an old social media app known as "Twitter," he continuously criticized the free press (which holocaust survivors and WWII scholars pointed out was a necessary precondition for Hitler's rise to power), he kowtowed constantly to Russian destabilization (and with it, charges of corruption and sedition by independent investigator Mueller in 2018 and congressional inquiries in 2019), and he repeatedly assaulted members of his own party, ultimately turning a majority of the country and the entire legislative branch against him.  In the end, it was President Trump who helped the US Senate (with its slim progressive majority) in 2019 gather enough votes to impeach him and make him the one and only president in American history who wasn't later acquitted.  President Trump ultimately blamed his historic impeachment on the "fake media," his nickname for the mainstream media (which paradoxically also included conservative media outlets like Fox News, the Drudge Report, and The Blaze, in addition to a virtual monopoly on FM radio).  Ironically and unintentionally, President Trump, and then later, President Pence, helped catalyze a political revolution in America that eventually made third party systems both viable and necessary.


Once it became clear that the US Senate had enough to votes to go through with articles of impeachment and that his pseudo-Nazi rallies, Russian Twitter bots, and diehard social media followers did not actually reflect majoritarian support of the American people, President Trump finally blamed his impeachment on the "blood-sucking Jewish globalists" to the surprise of no one, permanently fracturing the GOP, alienating neocons whose support had been tepid at best, and then later splintering the DNC (who failed once again to offer an authentically progressive and charismatic presidential candidate who was not beholden to Wall Street or bought by big pharma), which ultimately paved the way for thriving Green, Libertarian, Anarchist, Constitutional, NAFTEXIT, Liberal Catholic, Religious Right, CPP (California Progressive Party), Lost Cause, Workers Party, L+ Coalition, and Democratic Socialism third parties that lasted from 2020 until 2036, all of which eventually funneled into the TAP and SFC eschatology clubs after the Impact Hypothesis was spread through virtual social media, effectively returning America to a two-party system of eschatology clubs, which cultural and cognitive historians later referred to as the "Fear Binary."


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