Camila + Haruki

Inside my hotel v-room, I swiped through my retinal screen shots of Narita Spaceport, looking for lapses in security.  Eventually, I gave up and watched SFC2 on my EMOS, tried really hard not to get nostalgic for my old life in Hong Kong, and finally ordered robot service (synth-miso ramen, o-takoyaki, and o-gomae).  I called the Narita Spaceport again, this time asking about flight 1440.  The CSR cleared his throat and said there was no such flight.  I repacked my bags, pointed my finger at the e-fare inspector, took a high-speed driverless shuttle to the departures terminal, and ran down the ASA (Accelerated Sidewalk Assistant), thinking of you the whole time.  I wondered:  do you even think about me?  Do you even love me?  It bothered me that I couldn't answer either question with a clear heart.