Soldiers for Christ

After the Impact Hypothesis was officially announced on SFC1, everyone who didn’t eat Jonestown Brownies or lose their minds in this Invisible War (of mental attrition), were called Invisible Survivors.  At least that’s what they called themselves before the Number Crunchers showed up.  Many Survivors joined Soldiers For Christ because they were the first organization to create order again out of the apocalypse and embrace the speculative joy of the afterlife and the supposed painlessness of death.  Additionally, SFC created a safe space for its members known as "white space," white being the club's symbol for virtue, purity, tabula rasa (which SFC placed particular importance on, especially after long praying holo-sessions), and also death.  Housing its members in abandoned army barracks and dressing them in military fatigues with flaming cross patches on their right breast (that non-SFC members found racist for obvious historical reasons.  The Soldiers For Christ stressed the importance of discipline, hierarchy, punishment, "reaching" white space, and submission to higher order.  Its first massive wave of new members consisted almost entirely of white people from former red and end-of-time states.  Its second wave consisted mostly of smaller groups of Americans from rural areas, former members of AAF (Aeronatical Armed Forces), and religious conservatives of all races and former religions, all of whom wanted to live in a (temporary) world where God, moral rules, a dedication to scriptures and family, and the promise of both daily and eternal punishment for transgressions were not only promised, but celebrated as part of the divine machinery of the universe.  Later on, groups with more diverse religious, political, and social beliefs began arriving in Hybrid buses by the droves to live in SFC habitats simply because they wanted historical explanations, mental borders, and eschatological rules to help them make sense of the world and fight off the impending chaos, circular thinking, and darkness of their own obsessive minds.