Soldiers for Christ

According to the Soldiers for Christ e-handbook, the three cardinal virtues were known as CSSWIR (pronounced "cis-whur"):  collective strength, spiritual war, and individual redemption.  SFC hosted global prayer sessions on EMOS holovision conferences on the intranet, some of which were simulcasted in ninety-seven countries and translated into a hundred and twelve languages.  SFC2, created shortly after SFC’s rise to power, showed the video simulation of Bad Boy's trajectory to earth, looping 24/7 just to remind us of our imminent demise.  With that fear (some of which was directly stolen from the doom and gloom national party rhetoric of the former GOP from 2016-2026 before it became "The Liberty Party" and then later split into smaller libertarian, military, and theocratic factions), came an incredible and forfeited power to suggest, persuade, dictate, brainwash, control, and ultimately dominate people in ways that looked and felt completely innocuous at worst and volitional at best.  For most members, it was neither.