The Anarchist Punks

TAP saw a massive surge in membership as more and more Americans got sick of living like soldiers in the SFC (even though cross-training clubs had remained incredibly popular until the Asteroid Apocalypse was announced).  Some TAP members said Repentance Masses were phony.  Others said the ten-hour Salvation Hymns were exhausting, not to mention pointless.  And many simply hated the helplessness of original sin.  They were bored with Numbers, Leviticus and Exodus.  With old school digital IM technology, people started secret whisper campaigns with their other friends, many of them skeptical of SFC just like they were.  They began secretly burning the SFC handbook, Book of Soldier Psalms, in neighborhood bond fires.  They dyed their military fatigues red or purple or simply used them as Kleenex.  Eventually, a large chunk of Americans became defiant, having simply grown tired of living in the dungeon of 9/11, Doom and Gloom, and the Impact Hypothesis.  The End of the world was near, but maybe Christ and politicized Christianity had nothing to do with it, people argued. Maybe, they said, the asteroid disproved The Gospel completely as it had Y2K and the end of the Mayan Calendar.