The Anarchist Punks

The Anarchist Punks Cooperative had its own Achilles’ heal.  Many of the TAP vanguard came from straight-edge backgrounds, which meant that both synth and organic alcohol, TVC, SX-3, and eventually, even procreation, were eventually banned inside cooperatives for being psychologically disempowering, culturally self-destructive, and demographically irresponsible. The turning point, however, for the Punks, came when they hijacked the spaceports, settling inside them 24/7.  For a whole month, no one—save the dirty, the well-connected, the Lenin-spewing, and the famous—flew anywhere without TAP clearance, which was virtually impossible if you weren’t a card-carrying Anarchist yourself.  Rebellion, frustration, and suffering flourished outside the walls of the TAP Cooperative.