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Soldiers for Christ

As their fame spread from Manhattan, Kansas and Nashville to Chicago, Paris, Brasilia and Vancouver, SFC began slowly taking over e-radio, streaming, and v-news stations and publishing companies on the supranet/intranet as well as textile factories, which helped SFC control its uniform production, which was crucial in the psychological warfare of psyching out rival eschatology clubs and making the Soldiers for Christ takeover appear like a fait accompli (based largely on the constructed visual field of its own membership in global holosessions).  SFC might have played the role of cultural anodyne after the Impact Hypothesis was accepted as existential gospel, but its long-term goal had always been to acquire absolute control of the means of production (among them, cultural, economic, structural, technological, and optical production), which became a battle cry for the TAP’s who valued their indie digital and virtual media sources way more than soap bars or a visual rhetoric/propaganda department.