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The Number Crunchers

The Number Crunchers released their findings into the intranet with the help of Anonymous, who created a temporary firewall to prevent TAP-issued Trojan Horse erasure viruses and SFC-issued search and destroy crusadeware from infiltrating their remote EMOS systems before they had time to transmit their findings.  Among other things, they concluded that:

1.  Bad Boy’s speed, which was determined by the Hubble Space Telescope during orbit, cannot be calculated accurately by another moving object as the end-of-times NASA researcher had claimed

2.  Bad Boy will never make it past its surrounding meteor field

3.  Regardless of Bad Boy’s speed, it will take thousands of years (not seconds) for it to reach Earth anyway

4.  Bad Boy is too large, and also, not structurally solid enough to make it to earth and will likely break into small pieces, almost all of which would burn up entering the earth’s atmosphere.