Firsters (occasionally referred to as "1's" or "1sters"), are citizens living in first world countries, a country classification that not only accelerates v-visa applications and the processing of tourist/work visas, but also gives users higher connectivity speed for all EMOS units both home and abroad.  Currently, there are fifty-three Firster nations, twenty-seven A1 nations (almost 1st world), eleven B1 nations, and a number of C nations, which are themselves divided into twenty-nine classifications based on a number of separate and intersecting indices such as:

  • Economic development and urbanization
  • ROGI (rate of green-tech industrialization)
  • EPC (EMOS per capita) ratio
  • HCA rate (healthcare accessibility)
  • PELS percentage (primary English-language speakers)
  • CACD global ranking (contagious and communicable diseases)
  • RED (religious extremism deprogramming status, a metric that continues to be waived for Americans)
  • IMR (infant mortality rate, another metric waived for Americans)
  • VPR (voter participation rate, still another metric waived for Americans but applied vigorously for all B1 and C# nations)

Additionally, Firster status gives users access to better currency exchange rates, priority admission to other Firster and A1 single payer healthcare systems in the GDD (Global Digital Network), lower electric vehicle recharging rates and driverless taxi fares, boarding and refuge priority for medivacuation procedures at home and also in all participating Firster and A1 nations, fasting downloading, memory, and processing speeds for all EMOS, EEB, and ISC functionality, twenty additional petabytes of media storage (useful for retinal screen shots and virtual home transfers), exclusive access and priority boarding for all high-speed metro and air shuttles, DT's, rentable smartboards, and supersonic hovercrafts, and free simultranslation, holotexting, and intranet access.


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Your Life is a Circle

Your Life is a Circle