Niko + Changchang

I realize it was me who’d asked for some space during our summer in Prague and I also realize that I’d asked for space so that I could sleep with other Czech and German girls that summer (specifically, your youngest sister, the interplanetary lawyer and gorilla defender, and our voluptuous neighbor, Marta, who was always answering her door naked and drinking Jack Fruit dessert wine and watching bad reality e-TV like Space Apprentice and The Martianette and Survivor: Io and that old 90's flick with the obsolete techno track, Lola Rennt, all of which was kinda ridiculous and kinda hot), but I never thought that you’d honestly take me up on my offer.  Looking back twenty-five years later now, I realize I clearly wasn't ready to be in a monogamous relationship.  In fact, I'm STILL not ready to be in a monogamous relationship, but I've never felt loved anyone as much as I loved you, even when I was dating a couple at the same time, when you added up the love I had for them, which was a shitload of feels, it was still NOTHING compared to how I feel for you, even now, in this hot, beautiful, broken down, South American city where I'm slowly dying, where we're spending our last night together.  For the record, I STILL think we should be in Prague right now.