The Universality of Relativity

Some astronomers blamed the meteor field surrounding Andromeda, or said Bad Boy was the product of a small planetary collision.  Others claimed Bad Boy was a product of gravitational warps.  Camila, being the relativist in the relationship, argued it was impossible to analyze a crisis once it passed through time ripples.  Of course I disagreed because I believed in universal laws.  In the electronic globosphere and interplanetary supranet, all the different theories on how and why Bad Boy was accelerating towards Earth were published, their extracted meanings, argued ad nauseum in v-vlogs and best-selling interactive, e-books, on global EMOS talkshows, and at virtual global scientific conferences.  No one could get their hands on NASA’s data, however, though, after it was sealed by the NSA, so it was impossible to incontrovertibly disprove the Impact Hypothesis, especially since scientists couldn’t even find the asteroid during their interstellar searches.