The Anarchist Punks

The Anarchy Punks waged their own culture war against the world and against Christianity.  They decried fascism and martial Christianity on their v-sites and on social media virtual apps.  They claimed that Bad Boy and the Man on the Moon were both filmed in a Hollywood basement.  TAP’s believed that 9/11 was an inside and that AIDS had been invented in a CDC laboratory to eradicate sexual minorities, polygamists, single males, and black men.  Filled with conspiracy theorists of all political stripes including truthers, warmers, mooners, and fakers (readers of fake news who believe the fake is the real and vice-versa, treating journalism like it's an arm of a Jewish "deep state"), as well as anarchists, Marxists across the spectrum, social liberals, former "Bernie Bros" starting from the 2016 American election onward, freedom-obsessed libertarians, vt and non-vt Antifa, New Atheists, intentional community advocates, sex workers (both real and holographic telecommuters), ostracized members of the poly community, and others supporting communal lifestyles, governmental decentralization, regional autonomy, "buy local" initiatives, horizontality, and/or classless societies, the Anarchist Punks were an incredibly heterogeneous and mismatched group of people who agreed on almost nothing except drug legalization, the spirit of co-operation, the power of narrative optimism, and the aphrodisiac of abstractly defined freedom.