Your Life is a (Violent) Circle

Reports started coming in from everywhere (some spurious, some clearly videoshopped, but also some that were very real), especially on SFC websites, about Anarchists breaking into people’s houses, raping SFC second virgins, burning SFC martyrs to a salty brûlée, sometimes even killing rival anarchist factions in splinter cooperatives.  It seemed that without laws, some people felt they could take whatever they wanted under the pretext of scarcity and survival, even when they didn’t need anything.  People who were highly suggestible, deeply pious, and physically weak felt especially threatened by Anarchy Punks and began taking up arms.  SFC militias were formed in Kansas, Alabama and Texas to "take back" barracks that had fallen from “Grace” (i.e. stop participating unanimously in global prayer holosessions).  Somehow, in the face of catastrophe, some humans only made things worse.  They needed to feel like they were still in control, even if it was only of their own mortality.