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The Anarchist Punks

The Anarchist Cooperative had announced that its ban on travel for non-TAP members had been extended and now included SOS members.  Further spaceflight prohibitions had been placed on all international travel to destinations with SFC and SOS strongholds for security reasons:  Rio, Bethlehem, London, Goa, Rome, Dublin, Moscow, Jerusalem, Stockholm, Barcelona, Amsterdam, LA, New York, and Manila had all been officially blacklisted until further notice.  There were small protests from around the world in front of different American embassies.  The protesters filled the streets, carrying banners that read:


EE-UU = Fascismo!

Sex Is NOT the Answer!

The State Can't Wither.  Repent Now!

Down With Anarcho-Fascism!

Big Boy is a Lie!

The "Alt Left" Does Not Exist (Except as an Invention of Empire)

SFC is for White Jihadists

Vivez Le Sensualisme!

Stop Global Juntas!

Smash the Motherfucking State!

Fuck It!  Literally.

Democracia Agora! 

To distract themselves from the end of the world, global viewers watched sex shows, digital litanies and Dark Room exposés on their EMOS channel guide while others watched nothing but SF2