Svetlana + Belmont

Svetlana, the first time I told you I was hapa and you laughed in my face, I almost smacked you (and I've never hit a soul, not even that drunk white kid from Edison Park who called me "Yumakaze" after my middle name, Yuma, and then slammed his dad's BMW keychain into my face).  You should have known as an educated woman that Americans don’t play with their racial identities for the simple reason that white people invented them to exclude minorities and then minorities used them to redefine themselves in their own history and language and culture, which is why white people are still reminding minorities like me in the 30's that I'm not completely white (and then criticizing me for being multiracial).  Now, you have two advanced degrees and you're completely familiar with all the hate on the supranet (that's practically your job as a cybersecurity specialist), so you know the drill with white racists (and you know as I do that they even elected one of their own to the White House back in 2016), so please don't talk like one, even for a second.  I'm just a hapa synth-bartender who knows what scared, minoritarian racists drink and sometimes even what they think before they do.  It's one of the perks of being mixed raced in this immigrant fairy tale.