Svetlana + Belmont

I never spiritdanced with your sister (sorry, I know I'm being a fucker, I just had to use that word satirically at least one since the SOS has taken over college campuses all over the world).  In case you're curious, even after you cheated on me with that egomaniac from Cornell who had two PhD's and joined the Anarchist Punks to beat up Christian Nazis (which he never did, by the way, he just posted v-vlogs about them), I was faithful to you until the very end.  It took me years to let go of you and even longer to forgive you for "wanting to see where things took you" as you'd claimed, but I get it.  Unlike me who'd always known that he loved you,  you needed proof, you needed to answer your own counterarguments, you needed to "work it out," as you used to say.  I guess I forgive you, but mostly, I'm happy that earlier this week you found me and then got in my way.  Speaking of which, let's listen to that old Leonard Cohen album again.