Society of Sensualism

The Society of Sensualism, according to Google by Apple, was founded by Johnny Sunburst (née Fatima Safra), a former TAP member and trans activist and performance artist from LA.  Like many educated Americans that had resisted organized religion in the past, he viewed the Soldiers for Christ as glorified mass hysteria, translated white supremacy, and mind control (making it identical to organized religion in his opinion).  Instead, he’d joined the anarchist cooperative because it was the lesser of two evils.  But after a group of TAP’s stole his life savings of old EMW’s and a few family heirlooms from the safe underneath his floating queen bed that had survived three wars and the 2019 Muslim Interment in Gitmo, Johnny Sunburst became skeptical about the anarchy model.  Every night before he went to bed, he thought of a solution as he masturbated.