Society of Sensualism

Once the SOS was formed, half of the entire industrialized world went through a transformation from bible-thumpers to Bacchae.  Between ¼ and ½ of all former SFC and TAP members began taking off their black uniforms and green military fatigues with the flaming cross on the right breast and hosting digital orgies inside high speed shuttle trains and digital orgy theaters in LA, Chicago, New York, Boston, Dallas, New Orleans, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Osaka, Seattle, Barcelona, Rome, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, Vancouver, London, Mumbai, Mexico City, Montréal, and Dubai, couples fornicating on people's lawns, teenagers masturbating on balconies and inside elevators, voices screaming from the rooftops, the streets filled with bodily fluids.  Sex become a global chorus line, and half of the world was kicking up their feet at long last