The Number Crunchers

At first, the Number Crunchers were, ironically, treated as conspiracy theorists and scientific quacks (a perfect example of truth inversion that SFC members used to "program" new members).  The SFC and the The Anarchist Cooperative used their senatorial clout to not only suspend the Geneva Convention and the UN Charter, but also open up a joint congressional inquiry, going to impressive feats to discredit, and disparage the reputation of the scientists by subjecting them to months of fabricated witness testimony holovised all over the world on SFC-Span, SFC3 and AC0 apps and corresponding intranet/supranet sites.  But with the help of virtual graphs, astrosimulation software (that was mostly censored from public view), and inexhaustible scientific corroboration by the top astronomers and mathematicians all over the world, the scientists stood their ground, released their life-changing data (literally), and a few independent thinkers in every country in the world woke up from their cataclysmic glaze.