Niko + Changchang

Scheisse, I never graduated from Humboldt University of Berlin, okay?  I TRANSFERRED to UKB and it took me six years to graduate because I took a million classes.  In my defense, I had to help my parents close down their accounting firm in Osaka and relocate to Stockholm after EMOS news hit about Bad Boy.  I was too embarrassed to admit this when we ran into each other in that New York café years later in the West Village full of shouting TAP activists, V-tube stars, and v-gamers gesticulating wildly with their hands.  You said you were finishing your second Masters degree at Columbia and I said I was just a depressed stay at home artist (who hadn’t painted anything in sixteen years, since the day you left) and who'd flown to New York on a whim after seeing cheap flights in the ISC v-mall.  You know that sometimes I lie when I get nervous.  It's a vicious habit of mine.