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The Number Crunchers

In their self-replicating data virus report, the Number Crunchers also concluded that:

5.  Even by asteroid standards, Bad Boy is a poser (i.e., incredibly small), and the old NASA scientist and secret end-of-times apologist who “discovered” it (a Trump administration leftover who had no advanced degrees in astrophysics whatsoever as he’d claimed, but had simply met the president’s dataphobic purity test required of his administration), had fabricated virtually all of his data, copying heavily from conspiracy intranet sites and far right meme factories for EMOS like 100Chans and InfoWarWhatisItGoodFor?

6.  Bad Boy is being treated as being somehow above scientific scrutiny when in fact it is simply a pseudo-scientific theoretical construct of Evangelical theocrats, Jehovah’s Witness, and apocalypticists of all stripes to extirpate, or at least damage, liberal democracies into submission (hence the coordinated Russian hacking during the American, Dutch, Ukraine, Austrian, Bulgarian, Norwegian, French, German, and English elections from 2014-2018 and then again during the Beta testing phase of early EMOS-based voting app installation from 2021-2025).

7.  Bad Boy is a political diversion to give cover to Firster nations afraid or unwilling to ratify the Osprotocol, the Clean Global Cities Act, the World Carbon Eliminations Bill passed in the UN, and reinforcing the Solar Power and Windmill Initiative passed by president Harris before she was almost assassinated by human-enhanced Nazi snipers.