Svetlana + Belmont

I really don't wanna write this Confession List anymore, but you’re still scribbling away like a 18th century countess (isn't that what you always called it when you wrote HC letters to your family?), so I guess I'll listen to Electro-Hop on my EEB's and keep writing.  What I really wanna do, though, is take a look at your list, but I feel like there's a barrier separating what you want from what I want.  I mean, you've been smiling the whole time while you've been writing your list and I've wiped my eyes more than once.  How could we have such different emotional reactions to the Apocalypse?  Okay, I'll write one more thing down in this Confession List, but soon we're gonna swap, all right?  I mean, we owe each other at least that, right?