Svetlana + Belmont

The second thing that I hated you for was when you cheated on me in college (and never had the courage to tell me).  I’m still glad I went with you to the v-clinic (because, you were my one and only love), but as I learned later that year after getting smashed on synth-whiskey with my family of Japanese American lushes and blue collar technotarians, is that my mom had sterilized me against my will as a teenager after she’d signed the TAP contract (I have no recollection of this, which I guess is normal), so that's when I realized that you’d cheated on me when you got pregnant.  There was no other explanation.  Nano-fertilization hadn't been invented yet (and besides, we were too poor then to afford it even if it had existed).  So, who was it?  Actually, don't answer that.  I got over this betrayal, I even got over you pretending that I was the father, believe it or not (because I'd always known that I would have been a shitty Dad), but I'm still hurt about you falling asleep to my guitar strumming.  That was cold and what's the word you used?  Tone-deaf.