Camila + Haruki

Whenever Camila and I used to go out for a pint at a Hollywood Road pub, or gorge ourselves at a veggie dim sung restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong or take The Glider to Macau (sometimes shagging in the unisex non-binary bathroom), we saw digimonitors everywhere, some of them playing SFC2 (though Hong Kong wasn't a regional HQ for TAP or SFC).  Bad Boy, in a strange and vulgar way, was beautiful to look at, entrancing really, like watching a massive brushfire creeping towards your house on the v-news.  Sometimes, at my flat in The Peak, Cam would curl up on my knee like a Styrofoam peanut and we’d sit for a few speechless moments, watching that great Asteroid burning through space like a porous fossil on hormones.  Its speed alone sometimes made you dizzy with fear.