I Miss You, Second Novel

When you're a PhD student, you have to read a lot of books. Most of the time, that's awesome because the shit you have to read is fucking awesome. To give you an idea of how nerdy I can be, I'm actually looking forward to my field exams next year because that means I'll get to read 70 books of the awesomest books in the whole wide world, books I've always wanted to read, from Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections + Lan Samantha Chan's Hunger to Robert Olen Butler's Scent from a Strange Mountain, among other standouts. But that said, there are things I miss (like weekends), + one of those things is, I really miss my second novel, Ninjas of My Greater Self.

Anyway, second novel, I'm looking forward to another date soon. I miss you like crazy. I really really need to hear your voice + remember what's it's like to be in your world again.