Ah, Chicago

I'm just kicking it one of my fave cafes of all time, kopi cafe, in andersonville. there's batik prints, tibetan prayer flags, plants, african masks, clocks for cities around the world, thangkas, colored glass shapes hanging from the lights, short japanese table tops, exposed air vents, globes, mountains of lonely planets, and lots of great veggie food.

They also serve the best drink of all time. it's called a peppermint patty, and it's soy milk, girandelli hot chocolate, and peppermint torani syrup, mixed and blended into one perfect cup of wonder. everytime i come here, my sips shift into small moments of awe, like, how can one drink taste so perfect?

And all of this, after eating pad kee mao at my fave thai restaurant in all of chicago with my brother? my god, this day has been perfect. not to mention, it was in the 70's today, and i was walking around in a t-shirt. and i bought some new cologne. b delicious. and now, all the shorties are gonna shout hay-ay jackson, cuz i'm gonna smell, what's the word, yummy? yeah, that's it. most yum. ah, happy day.

And if i haven't mentioned recently how much i love my lip ring, let me just say, yes, everything you've heard is true, i do love it, and it's starting to love me back.

I love this city with all my being. and as today's theme continues like a graceful little leitmotif, Chicago loves me back, mothafuckas.

Peace and blessings.