8th Message to New Yorker Editor without a Response

Hey B******

Yes, believe it or not, I've sent you at least 6 other emails with my story pasted. I have no idea what the f*** is wrong with electronic world but I'm pretty sure it's not on our side. It really shouldn't be this hard. My only guess is that the New Yorker Email system/Submission Manager filters messages with abbreviations and RE:'s to avoid spam. I wrote one email that started with BJJ, and several others as responses, all of them with the story pasted in the body of the email.

Anyway, let's try this again because we're stubborn. How funny would it be if you finally saw my story after it had been built up by days and months, and it was just:


Hi, she said.
Hi, he said.
You're cute, she said.
Not as cute as you, he said.

The end.

Okay, anyway, that's my pathetic attempt at making light of this because it's the only thing I can control right now Branden. On to business: so here it is yet again. I hope you finally receive it and most importantly, enjoy it. Please email to confirm:

Otra Chica