My Summer Schedule Fucking Rocks

Now that I'm back from Beijing, it's time to get back to working on The Ninjas of My Greater Self + beginning my reading for my Field Exams--otherwise, how the fuck do I plan on reading 80 books by December? My awesome/exciting summer schedule by next week will be:

7:30 am-8 am: Wake up, check emails + glance at the Huffington Post

8 to 8:30ish: Do yoga/push-ups, meditate +/or crunches

8:30ish until 12:00 pm: Write the fuck out of my Ninjas

12:00 until 1ish: Eat lunch

1ish until 1:30ish: Walk the pooches

1:30ish until LB gets home: Read, read, read!*

6:30-7:30: Running

7:30-8:30: Yum!

8:30: More writing + revision, Xbox, watching Glee, Californication, Friday Night Lights + Buffy on Netflix, working on electronic LP, watching foreign flicks, making out with LB, reading FB, playing with the pooches + blogging!

*Except for Mondays or Friday, when I'll take weekly field trips to the post office to sent manuscripts to Granta, FSG, Milkweed et al(l the usual suspects).