Good Rejection from Fairy Tale Review #2

Ugh, another good rejection. And while very gracious + kind, I think I may be done submitting stories to the Fairytale Review. I like the journal a lot (+ several of my friends have published stories in TFR), but so few of my own stories really fit the journal's aesthetic + I think I've run out of workable manuscripts. Too bad. Anyway, here's the rejection:

Hi Jackson,

I'm so sorry that I've taken so long to respond--unforgivable, truly.
I want--terribly badly, in fact--to craft a perfectly balanced issue
that everyone will love, but my response time has suffered from this
obsessive consideration, and I am finally having to make the hard
choices. I've read your fine story several times now.

Only by way of narrowing since there were sososososo many great
submissions, I chose a very specific aspect of my already very
specific theme to follow, otherwise I wouldn't have known how to
possibly choose just a few. I'm heartbroken to say that these didn't
turn out to be a perfect fit amidst the other pieces I chose. But this
issue will be just one (hopefully beautiful) specific arrangement made
from me selecting key symbolic threads (within my theme of lost
children, no less!) that we received within the submissions--that is
to say, please submit again!! I do hope you enjoy the issue, and that
you'll give us another chance. Please let me know when this story
finds a home elsewhere as well, so that I may celebrate with you and
enjoy it once more.

With admiration,


Alissa Nutting
Guest Editor, The Grey Issue
Fairy Tale Review

Good Rejection from Fairy Tale Review

Dear Jackson,

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we've ultimately decided not to include "..." in the Fairy Tale Review, though I did consider it very seriously and admire its many fine qualities. Due to the fact that we only publish one issue a year, we find ourselves rejecting far more than we'd like to. Your story will find a place, I'm certain. And thank you so much for submitting, and for your exploration of the fairy tale tradition. (And I apologize for the time it has taken for me to reach my decisions. We’ve had an overwhelming number of excellent submissions for this issue.)

Best wishes,

Timothy Schaffert
Guest-editor, the Brown Issue, Fairy Tale Review