1st Story Accepted in 2012

Wow, look at this shit, it appears I may be on a roll, people. Two accepted short stories in two months! すごい,な?Whether this is part of a new trend or whether it's the last acceptance I'm gonna get for years, either way, I'm fucking ecstatic to get a piece accepted in Quarter After Eight. I've been sending them stories since 2006 + this is a small major victory for me. Also, considering how great the innovative writing is in QAE + how QAE has published well-known writers like David Shields, Steven Millhauser, John D'Agata,, I'm flattered to be a contributor of that journal. Anyway, here's the acceptance email:

Hi Jackson,

Thanks once again for your patience. Also, I'm glad to say that we
have room for "Kothar" in our next issue due out in February. It's a
piece we all enjoyed reading and are excited to feature in QAE.

Now we need you to provide an electronic signature to the attached
contract by typing in your name and send it back. Also, please attach
a .doc copy of the piece. Finally, we need a brief biographical
statement that you can include in the body of the email.

I'm glad this worked out.



Payment is a contributor's copy of the issue your in.