Getting Buzzed with Dave Griffin

Well, i'm kinda buzzed. i met Dave Griffin for some drinks at joe's. no, wait, it's not called joe's, it's called frank's. anyway, we had a fucking awesome conversation about:


teaching at a university (DG just recently scored an awesome tenure gig at Sweet Briar College in Virginia for 50k a year, can you imagine being paid 50k a year as a writer? that's practically unheard of)

lit v commercial writing

Bakhtin and Chris Isaak

giving readers treats

the value of entertainment in writing

self-promotion and the hustler

dg's time at the university of memphis where he kicked it with Richard Bausch, author of 9 novels and 5 short story collections

the importance of writing for an audience instead of writing for one's self

rick moody's demonology, writing the preface for John Cheever's collected works

the PLA punks from phillie

Lynn Nesbit

being able to buy copies of the VIRGIN SUICIDES at urban outfitters

Sofia Copola and David Lynch flicks

It was one kick-ass conversation.