The Waiting Game

Everything in the literary world is behind schedule: that short story I submitted a year and a half ago to Zoetrope, the literary agents that placed my manuscript in the sludge pile after telling me they'll read my partial, one of my stories I gave William O'Rourke to publish in the Notre Dame Review more than a year ago, the Kenyon Review's online version of my short story "Cowboys of the Heart: the 6-DVD Boxset", Stand Magazine's Winter issue that "Nimble Calligraphy" will be published in + of course, the 2 PhD programs I applied to, none of which have responded yet. I expect some uncertainty + delay. Actually, a lot. But I what I don't expect, is uncertainty + waiting across the board.

My bad.

3rd Story Accepted in 2007 (Aka Goddamn the Irish but God Bless the Brits)

We just got our asses handed to ourselves by Georgia Tech. That was one of the worst ND football games I've ever seen.

On the flip side, i found out that one of Britain's best literary magazines, STAND MAGAZINE, just accepted "A Nimble Calligraphy," a language-drive short story i sent them well over a year ago.