Birth of the Slick

As the News Injections become more frequent, virtual readers learned about the dark side of Anarchist Cooperatives: TAP’s were committing larceny, arson, theft, vandalism, sterilization, castration and incarceration in the name of social emancipation.  And it left Johnny Starburst feeling not only indignant, but aroused.  Then two things happened which pushed him over the edge.  The first:  the cooperative banned all commercial space flights for non-TAP members in an attempt to control "infiltration," "leaks," and "schisms" and enforce SpreXga-3 bans.  The second, for demographic and epidemiological reasons, the Anarchist Cooperative finalized it’s e-dict banning all human procreation—and implicitly, sex, since only abstinence was effective a 100% of the time.  According to legend, this is when Johnny Starburst (a former trans activist and TAP member) walked into a LA Metro Shuttle, passed out his month supply of SX-3 to commuters, unzipped his TAP cat suit, and then orchestrated the first official digital orgy in Los Angeles county.  The apocalyptic world would never be the same again.