Society of Sensualism

Without fear of contracting STD’s, Hepatitis F, genital AIDS+, many humans indulged in their deepest and kinkiest fantasies.  Straight women made out with their girlfriends even more than they used to, Public Access Channels on the intranet and the interplanetary supranet became submerged with EMOS-recorded digital orgies and pornographic global game shows started popping up on the EMOS v-menu where contestants slept with each other on national holovision, live sex shows took over auditoriums that had once hosted musicals, Cabarets, and symphony hall concerts.  And the infamous "Dark Parties" were formed inside little pink houses all over America where consenting, non-binary, pansexual, adults all over the spectrum and of all orientations sucked and groped and fucked and kissed each other in pitch black rooms (many of them inside old subways in the A1 or inside college dormitories) listening to in-hop and Downtown Venus and Space Age downtempo in the EEB's, neither knowing nor caring whose mouth, hands, and genitalia belonged to which body and for what reason.  SOS, among other things, fulfilled the cultural prophecy of identity labelessness that Millenials had pioneered ten years earlier and that Virtuals had been calibrating ever since.