Camila + Haruki

One day, as we were holochatting on our EMOZ (the official plural form for double S's accepted begrudgingly by the English Academy in 2024), Camila asked me if I’d heard about the recent Bad Boy update, how a group of rogue scientists called the Number Crunchers had rejected the impact hypothesis.  I told her I hadn’t, but that I'd always had my suspicions (that said, number crunching and observational astronomy are beyond my pay grade, frankly).  She said oh.  I told her I was still skeptical because everyday it was a new theory and a new eschatology splinter club and then a new crackdown by SFC and TAP militants or a new protest by SOS No-labelists, every attempt at breaking apart our Fear Binary always ending in failure (to prove anything).  Besides, I tended to distrust theories that I really wanted to be true.  It was too good to believe, which is probably why someone made it up.  Cam said she agreed.  She said it was too appealing to be credible and then she hung up on me.  It was only once I returned to Hong Kong that I found out why.