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Soldiers for Christ

With greater power and influence, the Soldiers For Christ expanded its network membership exponentially until it resembled the Roman Empire—vast, powerful, and crumbling.  As an organization, it was far too powerful, and its constituents, far too numerous, to regulate properly.   In time, a series of scandals erupted at the Soldiers for Christ headquarters in Topeka and at its regional headquarters in Oklahoma City, Moscow, and Bethlehem.  These included accusations of embezzlement and corruption, fear-profiteering, miracle manipulation, kidnapping and torture against skeptics and "heretics" (aka TAP and SOS members), life-threatening exorcisms, censorship, speed hijacking of non-SFC supranet/intranet v-sites, Christian Patriot death squads, rampant animal abuse, systemic brainwashing, and sexual impropriety against novices.  This blizzard of rumors began piling up faster than the SFC could bury them.  And it was this scandal that opened up the door for the Anarchist Punks.