Good Rejection from Brick

Dear Jackson,

Thank you for your submission. While your piece was very engaging, after careful consideration we concluded it was not quite right for Brick. Though it was intriguing, we found that it was a bit too personal for our general readership. That being said, [your piece] is very well-written and I’m sure you’ll find a home for it elsewhere.

My apologies for the brevity of this letter. The number of submissions we get forces us to resort to these terribly impersonal replies. We do wish you all the best with your writing.

Thank you again for thinking of us.

Best wishes,
A*** B**********
Brick, A Literary Journal
Toronto, Ontario

Literary Journals

Here are the journals that have sent me rejections recently:

The Seattle Review
The Hudson Review
Kenyon Review

And yet, after collecting enough rejection slips to pad my entire apartment with, I feel good about my writing. Call it delusion.

Recent journals I've submitted to are:

One Story
Indiana Review
Our Stories
Double Room
The Missouri Review
Tin House
Mcsweeney's online
OV Book anthology
Quarterly West
Black Warrior Review
Iowa Review
Story Quarterly

Really, these journals are out of my league. not because of talent, but because i'm lucky if readers look at more than one paragraph, but that's fine because i believe in apprentissage. and i feel like things will work out, and when they do, and when they have, i appreciate it even more.