Good Rejection from Conjunctions

Good Rejections are tough, especially when you get them from top-tier journals.  In fact, you could make the argument that the better the journal, the more a good rejection stings.  I think it works inversely too (i.e., a good rejection from a meh journal feels pretty damn good).  Still, it's hard not to take away something positive from this rejection, so I'll try to stick to the silver lining here, even though I've been sending Conjunctions stories for years now.  This is the second time I've gotten a really positive response for this short story (the first being from Electric Literature) + the second time I've gotten good feedback from this journal, so there's always that.

In case you can't make out this rejection slip, it says:

Dear Jackson,

I found your story delightful + intriguing, unfortunately we are looking for stories for our animal issue, "A Menagerie."  

Since when did Conjunctions starts becoming a themed journal?  Who fucking knows, since now, I guess.  Still, if I had to pick a reason for my story to be rejected, I guess this would be it.  I think the reader was very gracious to write these words + I'll remember them the next time I get a form rejection in the mail.

Literary Journals

Here are the journals that have sent me rejections recently:

The Seattle Review
The Hudson Review
Kenyon Review

And yet, after collecting enough rejection slips to pad my entire apartment with, I feel good about my writing. Call it delusion.

Recent journals I've submitted to are:

One Story
Indiana Review
Our Stories
Double Room
The Missouri Review
Tin House
Mcsweeney's online
OV Book anthology
Quarterly West
Black Warrior Review
Iowa Review
Story Quarterly

Really, these journals are out of my league. not because of talent, but because i'm lucky if readers look at more than one paragraph, but that's fine because i believe in apprentissage. and i feel like things will work out, and when they do, and when they have, i appreciate it even more.