New Essay Published in the Huffington Post

My cultural essay about why Americans need to drive less is now up at the Huffington Post UK.  In case you're interested (and how couldn't you be with such a snappy title?), this essay briefly examines the flaws of American exceptionalism, the sociopathology of drivers, and the cultural narcissism of driving culture.  It's a must-read for anyone who thinks there are way too many drivers in the world and/or that drivers have become entitled, impatient, reckless assholes and/or that driving (and fossil-fuel consumption) is slowly destroying the planet from the inside. Anyway, no strong opinions here . . .

Lyrical Essay about Love Republished in the Huffington Post UK

Different writers have different milestones.  For me, (re)publishing an essay about love in the Huffington Post is pretty seminal.  Considering how many people read the HuffPo, I see this moment as another step in my slow trajectory as an emerging (non)fiction writer, slowly getting his writing out there to the world, slowly building a readership.  So for that, I say many thanks and cheers.